logoSudbury has always had a scooter following, most of the parents & grandparents of our members owned a scooter of some form in the 60’s & 70’s, in fact, some still do !!!

It wasn’t till the 80’s that two clubs were formed in Sudbury, ‘The Sudbury Phantoms’ and the Cornard based ‘The Spiders’

There was always a bit of local rivalry but the clubs would always meet at rallies for the norm i.e. boozing, sex (with the local women!), drugs & Northern Soul, the scene was hitting new heights on the rally scene.


As the years rolled on, many succumbed to the dreaded marriage scene (help!) and vanished, some branched into the psychobilly scene and some just vanished!

The clubs fizzled out, some joining the Colchester DVLC, some riding solo or just giving up altogether.


As the 90’s grew into Britpop, scooters were gaining popularity again, with the likes of Blur, OCS, Oasis and Paul Weller all fuelling interest, Sudbury was again seeing the odd scooter being dusted off and ridden again.

Mersea Island Rally was getting bigger and with Sudbury being quite near, many lads and lasses got the bug again. This helped bring many old & new scooterists together and more scoots on the road, me included. With interest in local do’s and the Isle of White rally being popular again, it was getting near that time for Sudbury to get a club together again.

Local Mod & scooter rider “Bomber Brown” organised the ‘Sudbury Rideout 2007’ which was well attended by many local clubs and was a huge success!.

By January 2008, Sudbury Scooter Club was formed. This brought, Mods, Skins, Scooterboys etc, together under one banner.

We arrange two main events each year, ‘The Sudbury Scooter Extravaganza’ in Spring and a ‘5 a Side Competition and Evening Do’ in August

We meet once a month, to catch up on stuff & to see who wants to do what. There’s no politics, just prove you can drink, party, dance (optional!) and ride a scoot.

Don’t Hide Them, Ride Them!

If you fancy coming along for a ride out or a beer, check out the website on news events.

Age is no limit, most of us are old bastards, so keep on .. keeping on.

Martin (aka Miss Daisy)

Information Request

Do you know anything about SVSC or Plan B ?  Paul Stratton has been in touch to say this part of the Sudbury Scooter history is missing …

More info please  ….

Also, if you have pictures or stories of scootering in and around Subury then let us know the details and send us pictures.


Sudbury Scooter Club

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